This page contains a list of self-development & lifestyle resources I highly recommend to my readers. I receive an affiliate commission on any purchase you make through these links, but this commission costs you zero and is included in the deal I have with my sponsors.

Every resource I have recommended herein I have personally used, checked out and is both high quality and trustworthy. I would never risk my reputation or your trust by recommending crap. I’m in this for the long game, so you can rest assured these products are 100% legitimate and the absolute best quality.


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill :  Without a doubt the greatest “success psychology” book in history. Every other book and program is in some way based on or a blatant rip-off of this. If you haven’t got a copy of this and read it before starting on your own journey to build a better life, you are severely handicapping yourself. Invest in it, get it, read it, copy it, highlight it, get copies for your family and friends. It’s been in print since 1937 for a reason. Enough said.

Unlimited Power – Tony Robbins : The number one life transformation & success teacher in the world today, Tony Robbins is a mental force to be reckoned with. You can feel the man’s energy jumping off the page at you as you read this worldwide bestseller. Everything in it is highly practical and useful, unlike some other books which just teach “principles”, Tony actually teaches methods and techniques you can use to overcome negative thinking and change your life.

The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene : For anyone who plans to be the boss or be successful in life, this book is absolutely essential. Like it or not the world isn’t all sunshine, lolly pops and rainbows, it’s a dark, ferocious world full of predators who will eat you alive if you aren’t prepared. Power struggles, hostile takeovers, attempts to destroy are all part of the world of business, money and life at the top – let Robert show you how to gain and maintain power, and more importantly, stop others from taking it from you.

Investing in The Apocalypse – Wall Street Journal: Where the pessimist sees a problem, the optimist can see an opportunity. This little book is jam-packed full of highly applicable, useful ideas for investing in the trends which will dominate the future. Global warming, epidemics, peak oil and the water crisis are all things we are going to face in the coming years. This book will show you how to make fat profits from the companies that both swing in price when the panic is on and provide solutions to ease the anxiety of the masses. This is without a doubt the best book I have read in years from an investor’s perspective.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein – To be the best you need to have/use the best of everything. ON is by far the best protein supplement on the market, winning award after award, year on year. Don’t waste your time with junk supplements that may or may not deliver just to save a couple of bucks. Get the best from the get go and you’ll quickly surpass the crowd. ON whey works, I personally attest to the fact as I have gained 25lbs of lean muscle just from working hard and using whey to recover.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate – The second of the only two bodybuilding supplements I can on good conscience recommend, ON creatine is the edge you need when you hit a plateau or want to bulk up/increase strength naturally. I have experienced dramatic results with creatine in the past. Note, this product requires cycling and you need to come off it after a while to make sure you don’t develop a resistance to it. Again, I only recommend Optimum Nutrition, don’t waste your time with the rest.


 Trade Station: There is only one company I recommend when it comes to online investing and trading, and that is Trade Station. Trustworthy, reliable and with a kick ass platform you can access from anywhere in the world you can make extra money buying and selling stocks and playing the market.

If you don’t know what you are doing or are an inexperienced trader, do NOT start investing right away. Try their simulator account first and learn before playing with your hard-earned cash.


Freedom Consultants – When it comes to moving to Asia for work/retirement/play, I only recommend myself. I have been living here for almost a decade and have been in virtually every country in South East Asia. If you want to move here I will help you learn the ropes, get set up, and save countless hours and energy as an all-in-one resource and advisor. I do not consult on other topics, I specialize in Asia moves only. My fee is $120 per hour and depending on your need, 2 hours should be all we need to get you the right information. Contact me  if you are ready to take the leap. No time wasters please.

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