7 Weight-Loss Friendly Foods That You Must Add to Your Diet (Guest Post)

Hey gentlemen… here’s another guest-post, this time from Kelly who is trying to make us aware of the obesity epidemic plaguing the world, particularly in developed nations.If you need to shed some pounds, this article gives some tips and great foods to include in your diet. Enjoy!

Fitness plays a significant role in our health. A person who is physically fit is more active and less prone to heart diseases, Diabetes, Stroke, and many other diseases. The factors that mainly contribute to fitness include your age, diet, exercise, stress, genetics, and lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for staying fit. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and even many cancers. A survey conducted in 2013 by the National Center for Health Statistics indicated that about 70.2% adults in the US were either obese or overweight.

How Can I Maintain my Body Weight?

You must be wondering the same, right? What can be done to prevent weight gain? There are many ways to either maintain or reduce your body weight such as going on a diet or exercising. But for people who find these methods difficult and lack motivation, the best way is to lose weight naturally. You can incorporate certain foods that can help you shed pounds. Here is a list of 7 super-foods that you should be adding to your meals.


There is a famous proverb that says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples have always been renowned for their nutritional benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber & phytonutrients and also contain a small amount of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C & minerals such as Calcium and Potassium. These nutrients are good for neurological health, lower the chance of many diseases and prevent LDL cholesterol.

An apple a day can also shed your pounds away! They are amazing for weight loss because they are rich in Fiber. Fiber is filling and yields very few calories; it also slows the digestion of food. Thus apples can reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

Boiled Potatoes:

Contrary to the belief that potatoes make you gain weight, boiled potatoes help you melt the pounds. They are packed with nutrients and low in calories making them an excellent addition to any weight loss diet. However what matters is the way the way you consume them, while baked and boiled potatoes are a healthy choice; potatoes in the fried form are notoriously unhealthy.

Potatoes contain the same amount of fiber as apples and are also rich in resisting starch, this makes them even more filling. You can include a serving of baked sweet potato in your meal, to enhance the deliciousness you can add toppings but make sure the choice of toppings is also healthy such as Greek yogurt, spices or avocados.

Leafy Greens:

This family of leaves is filled with nutrition and has fantastic benefits for weight-loss. The darker the green, the higher is the nutritional content of the leaves.  The greens include Kale, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Swiss chard, Romaine and a few others. They are not only low in fat and carbohydrates but are also rich in folic acid which plays a primary role in digestion. Kale is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients; spinach contains a high amount of folate, mustard greens contain beta carotene and glucosinolates while collard greens are a tremendous source of vitamins.

You can add the greens to your diet by preparing a salad or a vegetable soup as that will help utilize the nutrients for weight loss. You can also cook them as a healthy snack by adding a few spices or proteins such as Chicken.

Whole Grains:

Carbohydrates are vital for a balanced diet and are a significant source of energy, but it is essential to understand the difference between good carbs and bad carbs.  The complex carbs found in whole grains and starchy vegetables are a nutritious and consistent source of energy.

Grains such as Brown rice, Quinoa, Granola Barley, Oatmeal, Muesli, Kamut, Teff & Farro are healthy options to help promote weight loss. You can assimilate them into your diet by making risottos or pilaf. You can also eat whole grain bread, pasta, cereals to benefit from the nutritional goodness.

Chia Seeds:

They are a source of omega3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, and other nutrients.  A tablespoon of the seeds contains three grams of protein and five grams of fiber. They keep your appetite at bay, as chia seeds absorb water and expand when eaten, so you end up feeling fuller after your meal. Due to its versatile nature, you can consume chia in a variety of ways; you can pour them in detox waters,  sprinkle on salad dressings, avocado toast and they can also be used for topping sweet potatoes, oatmeal or yogurt.


Eggs are a significant source of high-quality proteins and also consist of healthy fats, irons, vitamins, and minerals. Researchers have indicated that eating eggs for breakfast can reduce the calorie intake by 400 calories per day. They reduce your appetite and boost your health in an egg-celent manner.

You can make a frittata, top your morning sandwich with boiled eggs or you can also add a whole egg to your oats while cooking them for breakfast.


Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C and also contains Vitamin A, Copper, Fiber, Vitamin B1, and Biotin. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system thus preventing many diseases. Grapefruit is a part of many detox diets. A detox is a diet plan that is used to help neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body.

It is also a source of lycopene, which according to Research helps fight cancer. It is low in calorie, half serving of grapefruit has 53 calories and it has fiber which makes you full. It also has a compound called nootkatone that helps the human body produce energy, thus promotes weight loss. Drinking half a glass of the juice of grapefruit also helps in losing the extra pounds.

In a nutshell, a nutritious diet can not only aid in keeping us fit but also can also help us lose weight. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial for maintaining health and preventing diseases. So add these seven foods to your diet and shed those extra pounds.

Kelly Newman is a Fitness Trainer and blogger. She loves to write about everything related to fitness and diet and wants to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. She works with the team behind Health Listed and does extensive research to provide people actionable health and nutrition information.

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  1. The entire premise of this article forgets to completely mention the one and only thing required for weight loss to actually occur (more specifically, fat loss).

    Caloric deficit.

    If no deficit is present, then no fat will be lost. That is the law of thermodynamics.

    The above mentioned foods do give the opportunity for fat loss simply because they are less dense in calories than their junk-food counterparts. They are more filling with far less caloric mass, thus allowing a calorie deficit to be put in place, (whether it be intentional or not).

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