Art of Selfhood is Open to Guest Posts

We need you!

Hey aspiring writers! Art of Selfhood is accepting guest posts.


As you have probably noticed, I haven’t updated this website for a long time. That’s because I don’t like to write when I don’t have anything significant to say. I don’t like to write for the sake of it.

I also realise that there’s only so much one person can teach others. So, I’m opening AoS to guest post opportunities.

If you think you have an idea for a great, valuable article, here are the conditions:

  • No spam, SEO junk articles. I’m a tough editor and I can spot a backlink opportunist a mile off. Your article needs to be at least 1,000 words long and needs to add value.


  • Articles with grammar and spelling errors will be immediately discarded.


  • Topics allowed are: weight lifting/fitness/martial arts, dieting and nutrition, dating and relationships(no PUA), travel destination reviews written from a male perspective, business and marketing ideas and experiences, and general life advice as long as it is relevant to men. Personal stories will be considered if they add value.


  • Each article will be allowed one contextual backlink in the body of the text. This can’t be for gambling, porn, dating websites, pharmaceuticals, or financial products. No landing pages will be allowed.


If you think you fit the bill and want to get your post out in front of thousands of monthly visitors then contact me using the contact form on this site.



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  1. Interesting good deal Mr. Freedom…

    Who knows, maybe I might have an article or two to have you post Mr. Freedom?

    Hope you and your family have been well and are doing well.


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