Let Go, Give In & Take The Journey (Sometimes)


This is a basic question, fellas…but an essential one.

Do you trust life?

Do you live in a world that is full of danger which you need to guard against, people who can’t be trusted and inevitable pain and suffering?

Or do we live in a world where life is abundant, people are generally decent and can usually be trusted, and while times of pain and suffering are inevitable, that life is good and troubles will pass?

Your answer to this question is extremely important and will largely determine the trajectory of your life.

You see, it is impossible to live a life of self-development, growth and dedicated to having interesting, new experiences if you believe the untrusting persons view above.

In order to fully taste this life and get the juice out of it, you have to embrace it. In order to embrace it, you have to trust it won’t bite you in the neck and inject you with a fatal dose of venom.

To live your best life, you have to learn to trust life. No matter where it takes you.

I’ve gone through plenty of changes in my life. Jobs have come and gone. People have come and left. Girls have bonded with me and we’ve gone our separate ways. I’ve been flush and I’ve been bust. That’s all before thirty.

What I’ve learned through all of that is this: the situations I was carried kicking and screaming out of, cursing the gods, where the best things that ever happened to me. They led me to where I am today, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world, I have to tell ya. I don’t want to change a single thing about my life, but if I had my way all the time, my life never would have turned out this way.

Despite all the seemingly chaotic changes that happen, I trust life. I know that whatever happens, everything is going to be alright because I am willing to adapt and change with life. As a result of that, I have no fear of life making me extinct anytime soon, because I know I can just ride the wave wherever it takes me, and it will always be somewhere interesting and new.

All you have to do gentlemen is open up. Open yourselves to new experiences. Say yes to getting on a plane to Asia with no idea how it will turn out, just because you feel like opening some new doors and precisely because you don’t know what will happen.

I’ve said before that having goals are important in life for a man. It’s true. You should have fitness goals, financial goals, even relationship goals and learning goals.

But you shouldn’t become trapped by your goals. Your goals should not define who you are. They shouldn’t become chains which you can’t break. Your goals should never imprison you.

Sometimes it’s ok to just go with the flow and see where life takes you next. If you know you can adapt to whatever circumstances you find yourself in, then there is nothing to fear.

Life will become a joy and you will embrace whatever happens as a new chapter and a next step, without screaming and kicking like a little girl who just had her Barbie confiscated.

Trust life, fellas.

Go with the flow, sometimes.

Allow uncertainty and unexpected situations to open new doorways and use them as chances to grow, reassess life, and possibly go in much-needed new directions.

You don’t always have to be in control.

Sometimes the best things happen unplanned.

When they do, just for a little while, ride the wave.

Let go. Embrace life. Sometimes, just to see what happens. With the perspective of time you might, like I have, look back and see that this is exactly what you need.

Desire. Decide. Persist.



  1. “But you shouldn’t become trapped by your goals. Your goals should not define who you are. They shouldn’t become chains which you can’t break. Your goals should never imprison you.”
    This recently happend to me. I was worried about not being in control all the time. I already had read this article but wasn’t able to grasp what you were trying to say. So i opened my laptop today and read this again and made some major changes in my mindset.
    This is one of the most amazing article i’ve ever read in my life.

    • Thanks, brother. It is important to stay focused but flexible. Like Bruce Lee said “Be water, my friend”. Life changes and we gotta stay ready to change with it and go with the flow sometimes.

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