Lifestyle: 5 true and tested alternatives to the 9-5 grind

“I guess it comes down to a simple choice. Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’ ” – Red, The Shawshank Redemption

Lots of people I talk to complain about the soul crushing 9-5 grind they are forced to endure in order to receive a pay check. What many don’t know is, it doesn’t have to be this way.


With an increasingly globalized world and the never-ending march of technological advancement, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Long gone are the days of my grandpa when you started in an office after high school and worked until retirement at the firm, receiving a gold watch on the way out the door.



There are many possible alternative ways to make a living. In this article I’ll focus on the 5 I know most about. Feel free to drop a comment at the end to let the guys who read this blog know about some other ones I may have missed.

Once you know there’s a way out, then all that’s left to overcome are excuses.

5 Great alternative ways to make money:


1) Writing – Writing is by far one of the best ways to make money, and can be done online. It gives you total location independence and there are limitless topics you can write on, from travel to self-improvement to whatever your personal hobby is. Start by freelancing and see how it goes.

With a wi-fi connection (available at virtually every decent location on earth), you’re hooked into the world-wide web and have an unlimited audience. You can either write for a newspaper or niche website, or if you have the inclination you can build your own website or blog and control the asset entirely.

There’s no shortage of need for writers. You decide what way you want to do it.

2) TEFL – If working your way around the world is your thing, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an excellent way to get started as there are jobs in virtually every country in the world.

This is how I first moved abroad and while the cash is never top end it can go far in places like Thailand, Brazil or Turkey (3-4k in Thailand is worth 6-8k in the US/UK).

In order to become qualified to teach English abroad you need to do an accredited TEFL certificate, and in some countries you’ll need a college degree.

While you won’t live like a rock star, you’ll work about 20 hours a week, will be able to change your location as often as you please and will only ever be tied down to a one or two-year contract before you can review and see if it’s still what you want to do and where you want to be. Earning this kind of money in a developing country is a great way to build up a solid financial base or clear debts before doing something else.

3) Oil and Gas – By far the best choice in my personal opinion, this is the one I chose and I have absolutely no regrets about it.

6 months off per year (28 days on 28 days off), a 6 figure income and no expenses on the rig, if adventure and a little risk sits alright with you this is the way to go.

Having a trade will help you a lot, but if you’re a hard worker and you’re determined enough you can always find a way in through an agency or do an industry specific course which will lead you into a life offshore.

To learn more read my previous article How to get work on the rigs.


4) Start a business – This is by far the best way to go if you have a good idea and you think you can make it work.

Screw the man and become the man. That’s basically what you do when you start your own business.

In this day and age you can easily start an online business through drop-shipping, buying and selling, and in many other ways.

Starting a business carries risk, but without risk there is no reward and the biggest risk of all is to remain a mindless office drone until you end up pissing the bed in a nursing home.

Wouldn’t you agree? Get a plan, get some financing, get into business. You’ll never know what you can do until you try.


S&P500 Chart

5) Trading – This is where the mega bucks can be made and you can live like “The Wolf of Wall Street” within a very short space of time, if you get the hang of it.

Trading takes many forms and I have written some articles on it on this blog. You can trade currencies, commodities or stocks and shares, but in the end a trade is a trade, you buy something low and you sell it high. It’s common sense.

Trading carries risk and if you get carried away you can lose your shirt, but if you play sensible you can make a nice little income with just a computer and access to information on what’s happening in the world. If you need to learn more before playing with real money try a simulator account instead.

So there you have it gents, 5 ways to make money outside the 9-5 brain grinder. It isn’t easy to up sticks and leave the herd, but in the end its a lot easier than the alternative – following the herd to the slaughterhouse!

Decide which path is for you. Take some time to study and create a game plan. Take decisive action, and persist until you succeed!

Desire. Decide. Persist.




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