How I Found My Purpose & Freedom in 2016

Everybody wants to know ‘What is the purpose of life?’ Discovering your life purpose is one of the most fundamentally important things you can do, because when you do, you will go on to live a life of happiness, prosperity, and purpose.

We’re coming to the end of 2016, and I’ve been in a reflective mood recently. Looking back at my year I’ve come to realize that this has been the best damned year of my life! Why? Because I finally woke up out of my slumber and realized that I have the power to make my life whatever I want it to be. I found the purpose of life, for me at least.

You see, life is a journey – like a walk through the forest or a trek in the mountains. You’ve got a starting point, a journey, and a destination. For the last several years of my life I’ve been lost in the forest, until recently in fact, on the journey, but I didn’t realize it at the time. I sort of always knew my purpose in life was to become an entrepreneur and live free, but I hadn’t consciously acknowledged it and determined it as my chief aim.

Yet 2016 was the year I came out of that forest and discovered my purpose. The worst part about being lost in the forest is you don’t know you’re lost. You think you know where you’re going, but you don’t. It’s not until you walk out into a clearing that you suddenly think, F**k! I was lost in a forest and now everything seems so much clearer.

You’ll probably think I’m crazy unless this has actually happened to you. You might think “Shit, G has gone off the deep end”, and from your perspective in that forest, that would seem true. I understand if you think this. Finding your purpose is something that will happen for you at the right time when you’re good and ready. I don’t exect anyone to understand until it happens to them.

Yet everyone comes out of the forest and into the clearing at some point. It’s when you find the right path and you’re finally on it. Something clicks, something changes, and there’s a difference in your mind which begins to change things in your outer life.

That’s exactly what happened to me in 2016.

You see, for a lot of years I was making a lot of cash and living the high life to a large extent. I was ballin’ on tropical islands, flying around the world and living the life most guys only think about when they jerk off in the toilets on their lunch break. I shit you not – poke around this blog and you’ll see – I was living like the stuff you see in magazines making 6 figures a year, bouncing around tropical islands with beautiful women (before Mrs. Freedom came along, I should clarify) and all the while making more cash than I was spending.

Yet I have to admit that there was something missing. Even when you’re living a good life, when you find your purpose and look back, it seems pale by comparison. I’m not saying I was unhappy by any means, but there was something just not quite right that I couldn’t put my finger on. I had an intuitive feeling that I was lost in the forest and it was beginning to bubble up and come into my consciousness, but I was making too much dough, and living life too well to really pay attention to it. That will make sense to those who have been there.

Then, boom, the industry I was in crashed and burned like a fucking Puma helicopter that had just been hit by a ground-to-surface-missile. The oil industry came down like a stone and those of us who had been living like kings found ourselves without a job, an income, or any prospects on the horizon.

Needless to say, that was a wake-up moment. To add to the pressure, my son was born 4 weeks later and for the first time in my life I felt the awesome responsibility of being a father and being responsible for another human life. The first time I held my little boy in my arms and he looked up at me helpless, I was a changed man. I knew I was taking things to the next level for him if not for myself. And that I did. Anyway..I digress….

So, you could say the end of 2015 was the most monumental few months of my life, and looking back, I’d say it’s the single largest shift I have ever been through in such a short, intense period of time. Yet it was laying the brickwork for the best year of my life – 2016.

Now I already mentioned that I wasn’t unhappy while I was living this previous life. I was doing great, but I was always hungry for more, too, and all of my life since my teenage years I’ve been deeply interested in mindset, positive thinking, creating my own life on my own terms, and relentless self-development. So, with the scores of books I’d read on the topic and the endless blog posts and life experiences from implementing them at my disposal, I stood up to the world when everything was burning down around me and I said “You know what – I’m going to make life even better than it’s been, and I’m going to do it NOW”.

Life listened. I didn’t back down like a timid little Tammy and say, oh no, oh man, oh please, what will I do? I said, OK, this has happened, but I know I can do whatever I want going forward and I am 100% absolutely certain that my life is going to be even better now. I knew that at that crucial moment, when I could have slipped into a depression (many guys I know did) and cried, I had a decision to make. I decided I was going to win. I decided that I would actually implement what the damn quote said and would actually make lemonade out of those lemons, rather than just liking the meme saying so on Facebook and going back to being miserable.

I told my buddy “In one year, I am telling you, I will be making more than I made on the rig”.

Well, I’ve always been a little ambitious, and it took me 1 year of 4 months. Yet this month, for the first time, I officially made more in my business endeavors than I did on the oil rigs when I was living the high life. I matched my level of income and had my biggest 30-day earning period in my life as a businessman just this month, and I am absolutely determined that 2017 is going to be even better.

So I ask you: WHO’S COMING WITH ME? Finding meaning in life is irreplaceable, and you will only find meaning when you start to chart your own course.

However your 2016 has been, you have the power to decide right here, right now, while reading this if you like, that 2017 is going to be the best year of your life! You can yell out loud or you can say it into yourself, but you’ve got to truly, absolutely, unfalteringly believe it. 2017 can be the year you come out of the forest and into the clearing. It can be the year you finally become that person you want to be.

Will this year be┬áthe best of your life, or will it just be another year you don’t remember?

My 2016 is proof that you can absolutely create your own reality by the power of sheer vision and relentless determination.

By 2018 I plan to have a beautiful home, a sports car, and I aim to double my business income and train up to competitive level boxing again.

So let me hear you say it in the comments, 2017 IS GOING TO BE MY BITCH.

Until next time,

Your friend – G Freedom

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