The Point of No Return – What it Takes to Succeed at Anything

the point of no return

You have to reach the point of no return before you can have real success, gentlemen. Success doesn’t come easy, and anyone who tells you it does is full of nonsense.

Success takes hard work, discipline, and most of all – time.

You see, everybody is looking for the get rich quick scheme or the way to become an instant millionaire. That’s why we have gambling addicts and a bunch of people who complain that every opportunity is a scam. They don’t want to put in the time it takes to actually succeed at whatever it is they’re doing, so they try to game the system and get lucky, or they complain that the system is rigged to explain way their failures.

I’ve been working extremely hard recently, which partly explains the lack of content on this site for the past few months. In truth, I’ve been building a business and my nose has been to the grindstone, but it’s all coming good now and I’m starting to see some serious returns. I knew this would happen, because as the old proverb goes “As you sew, so you shall reap”.

Yet business isn’t the only goal I’ve been working on. I’ve also been working for a university degree, just because it’s a personal goal I set myself and I had the opportunity to do so. Juggling these two things has been insane, and at times I’ve come to the realization that pursuing one goal necessarily means choosing not to pursue another. We have finite time and energy, and pursuing multiple goals often leads to failure for this exact reason.

Yet I’ve persevered and I’m winning. How so? It’s because I went through the fear, the doubt, the worry and the anxiety about whether or not I would make it and I reached the point of no return.

The point of no return is when you decide you will make it, whatever the cost. It’s when you decide that you will give your entire life to the pursuit of this goal or dream, and the only thing that will stop you is death itself.

It takes a while to reach this point. For a while, especially if you’re trying to succeed in business, the doubt can be intense as you see your savings dwindle and you begin to wonder if you’re going to have enough to pay your bills. This is all a normal part of the process, and even great entrepreneurs like Richard Branson have said they’ve gone through this.

This is, I believe, all a test to see how determined you are. To see HOW BAD YOU WANT IT, so to speak.

Yet those who endure will succeed. I made up my mind that I would live in a van or a hut in the woods if I had to before I ever went back to work for someone else again. I decided that the people who couldn’t accept that could pack up and leave if it didn’t suit them and make way for people who were going to help me get where I was going. I decided that the security of a steady paycheck just didn’t mean as much to me as being my own boss and running my own business, and as if by magic, when I reached this point of no return, fully committed, and decided without condition that I wasn’t going back – it all began to come good!

I don’t want to imply that there’s anything other than good old cause and effect at work here, because long-term readers of my blog will know I don’t believe that. Yet I have to admit, it is strange that it’s always the same story, over and over again, from those who have made it: you have to really, truly, and absolutely, make up your mind that this is what you are going to do at all costs.

That’s the point of no return, gents, and it’s the first indicator that you are going to make it.

I don’t know what your goals are. Maybe you’re building a business and you’re worried about the bills. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight and you’re struggling and thinking of giving up, or maybe you’re back at school later in life and are juggling a job, family life and pursuing education. I don’t know what it is you’re trying to achieve, but I do know this – you’ll never make it until you reach the point of no return.

Decide today. Write it down and say it out loud. Whatever it is, mark it with an X and declare: I WILL ____ AT ALL COSTS.

When you do that and you truly mean it, mark my words, you’re going to make it.

Until next time,

Desire. Decide. Persist.



  1. Good deal… Great inspiration and motivation to keep on “plowing the field”. It’s *A LOT* of *WORK*…

    Thanks for the encouragement to everyone.

    Glad you’ve been well lately Mr. G. Hope you have a good “Thanksgiving” lol.

    (I figure you and family living in the Philippines might not do the kind of thing we have in the States but regardless, have a good time).


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