5 Jim Rohn Quotes With the Power to Change Lives

Jim Rohn Quotes are some of the most powerful I've come across.

I recently read the book ‘5 Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle’ by self-development and motivational author Jim Rohn.

I picked up the book on the recommendation of an AoS reader, and man, I was blown away! I’ve read a lot of these kinds of books from Tony Robbins and others, but this one stood out in a way that the others didn’t – it wasn’t just inspirational and motivational, but profound and directly useful philosophy.

So much of what Rohn said jumped off the page at me and crystallized in written words things I’d intuitively known all my life but had never been able to fully express. As I read, I developed the idea for this post – to create a condensed, easy to read version of Rohn’s key teachings for my readers which could be consumed in one sitting.

While I still recommend you get your hands on the book itself and contemplate the full force of what Rohn teaches, enjoy this condensed version of some of his best quotes as well as a taster for what’s to come.

Jim Rohn is long gone, but as with any timeless advice and wisdom, his work lives on and you can feel the man’s soul jump off the page at you as you read. His words are still changing lives today, long after the man himself has gone.

5 Jim Rohn Quotes That Blew Me Away

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced daily.

This quote is awesome. You see, I’ve written about this before, there is a whole industry of BS built around the idea of helping people achieve ‘success’. Writers, gurus, and speakers speak about this vague concept called success as if it had some sort of magical properties as if it were something unfathomable that is bestowed upon a few superhumans who have iron wills and have been blessed with superpowers.

Yet, success is much less impressive when you actually define it and peel back the layers.

Success is just achieving what you set out to achieve, plain and simple. There’s nothing magical about that. How you reach the destination called success is by figuring out the causes that bring about the effects you desire, and implementing them on a daily basis.

While this is simple, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most people lack the discipline to take simple steps on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time. The tub of Ben & Jerrys overpowers their desire to diet, the mindless garbage on TV is too alluring to resist when they know they should be studying for that masters degree, and the temptation to crack open a cold beer and surf the web overpowers the deeper, higher desire to go to the gym and sculpt a body they can be proud of.

Success is simple, but it isn’t easy. For me, this quote from Jim Rohn sums it up perfectly – just figure out what you need to do to get there, and have the discipline to actually do it every single day.

If you do that, you’re almost guaranteed to achieve ‘success’, whatever that means for you.

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

This is something that literally everyone who wants to achieve any goal has got to learn, usually the hard way.

I know I did. I used to let myself be blown around by every passing wind. I couldn’t ignore a call on my phone, which would usually lead to me going off and doing something that wasted valuable time rather than working on my goals. I couldn’t say no to requests for people on my time, and I always found ways to get distracted from the hard work.

Yet, I changed. I started making to-do lists and holding myself accountable for achieving them on a daily basis. I don’t believe in to do lists for the week or the month – it’s too easy to postpone things rationalizing that you’ll do it tomorrow. The to-do list must be totally focused on today. I even believe finances should be managed on a daily basis for greater effectiveness.

Learning to run your day doesn’t mean you have to become some sort of inflexible robot. You can learn time management skills that allow you to remain flexible and enjoy the flow of life. You’ve just got to develop effective habits, making sure you set aside specific periods of time dedicated to doing something you need to do.

For example, I wake up, have a coffee, read for about an hour, then typically go for a walk. This is my morning routine, and I don’t let anything disturb it. After lunch, I begin writing, and then I take a break. This is my ‘play time’, and I typically hang out with Mrs. Freedom and Junior. After this, I hit the books and study for my college diploma, which I’m doing simple as a challenge to myself.

All of this has become habitual for me, but it isn’t rigid. If someone calls me and asks me to do lunch, I can choose to do so if I value it enough. I can push the writing back a little, maybe an hour or so, but I always make sure to actually end up doing it, because I know that if I let it slip one day, I will let it slip the next, and the next. I view this discipline surrounding time management like a rope – if you let it start to unravel even a little, eventually and inevitably the whole thing will come undone.

Use daily to-do lists to force yourself towards achievement. Set aside the time and get it done! Be the master of your time and don’t allow other people or events to dictate how you spend your time.

Whatever good things we build end up building us

Anyone who has studied, built a business, perfected a sport or physical discipline, or got engaged deeply in good work like charity or helping others will immediately recognize the truth in this quote.

Whatever we build, ends up building us as people. When I set off to build this little site a couple of years back, I had no idea that it was going to take me on a journey that would teach me new skills, cause me to learn about concepts I didn’t even know about, develop me as a writer and as a person, and ultimately lead to me deciding to move into writing as a profession, rather than a hobby.

I built this blog, but this blog also built me. It’s the same with my marriage, my relationship with my son, my course of study at university (the sole reason I decided upon this was to build my character), and the other sites I run as a business. All of these things are good, but they all have given me more than they’ve taken from me in terms of time, energy and investment.

That’s the key to understanding what to focus on – you can’t give without getting. In the world we live in, whatever you give your time to will give back to you – for me, it was in the form of learning new and valuable skills, gaining knowledge, making new friends and connections, and changing my lifestyle to something that better suits my character and personal aspirations.

Who would have thought starting a blog could lead to all that?!

Whatever we build ends up building us. That’s a 100% guarantee. It’s important for your mental health, self-esteem and pride to always be building something, whether it’s a business, your body, a career, or all three.

Build. It’s what you were put here to do.

Ideas can be life changing. Sometimes all you need is one more idea to open the door.

Anyone who reads self-development literature or motivational books like Napolean Hill’s classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ will be familiar with the story of inventor Thomas Edison.

Edison tried to create the electric light bulb, and failed, 10,000 times. Yet Edison didn’t see it as such. He claimed that he hadn’t failed at all, but had only discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work.

Now that’s determination! I’m not sure if this story is literally true or if it’s just a myth, but it doesn’t really matter – it serves it purpose and communicates its message just the same. You’re only beat when you give up and decide that your ideas are a failure.

If you refuse to stop trying, the only thing that can cause you to fail is death itself. Are you determined and dogged enough to start a website today and then work on it for 10 years before it brings you a fortune? Have you got what it takes to try idea after idea after idea, waiting for your invention to take off, only to see it fail time after time, yet keep trying, evolving your ideas, refining them and trying something else?

Ideas matter a great deal, and sometimes all you need is one more to make your life something extraordinary.

Whether you’re the person who’s just starting out and beginning to doubt yourself because you’ve tried a couple of things that haven’t worked out, or you’re the person who is growing tired after a long list of failures, all you need is one more idea to change your life. Never lose sight of that, hold onto it, write that down on your wall with a black marker if you have to in block caps, and keep truckin’ and tryin’ until you get there!

If you keep generating new ideas, learning from the failures of the past, and trying again and again, I honestly believe that over a long enough timeline you CAN NOT FAIL. Let that sink in. You can’t fail unless you choose to stop believing in your ideas and fold.

Never quit and never stop trying new ideas. Your next blog post could be a massive success and put you on the map. The next song you write and produce could go viral on Youtube and lead you to fame and fortune. The next book you write could be the one that becomes a best-seller. If you don’t believe this is possible for you, reflect on the fact that all those who have achieved success in their fields were one day an amateur starting out, too.

One more idea. One more time. Make that your philosophy and you’ll win at life.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

Most people reading this site probably have at least some interest in health, fitness and well-being. It’s one of the cornerstones of what I talk about on this blog, and for any progress to be made in life, whether it be physical, financial, or mental, a healthy body is the foundation of it all.

This is another one of the things that so many of us want and know we deserve, but lack the discipline to create for ourselves. And that’s the kicker – we have the power to create it if we want it badly enough!

Yet so many people don’t have it. Why?

They lack discipline. They know they need to eat more fruit and less cookies. They know they should just lace up their gym shoes even if it’s raining and go for a damned run. They know the abs they desire require getting down on the floor and actually working them, but they tell themselves they’ll do it right after this next re-run of Friends.

Yet without a healthy body, nothing else matters and basically everything else falls apart. I have long argued that exercise is the foundation for success in any other endeavor. The discipline it builds flows over into every other area of life, and all of our goals get a much needed boost from the extra energy, self-respect and esteem, and momentum towards victory we develop from exercising and taking care of our bodies correctly.

Look, nobody is saying you have to look like a cover model from Men’s Health. Most of those guys are jacked up on health destroying steroids anyway. Yet we all need to eat a balanced diet, consume less crap, go for a run and do some bodyweight work at a minimum, and get enough sleep.

This body works 24/7, 365 without a break. The least we can do is help it by feeding it the right kind of fuel and giving it the right exercise and rest it requires.

Jim Rohn nailed it – this is the one and only body we will ever get. We should love it, respect it, and develop it to its full potential!

Jim Rohn Quotes Summary

As you can see, Jim Rohn knows what he’s talking about and has a gift for putting into simple, easy to comprehend words, concepts that will help us vastly improve our lives if we simply embrace them and implement them.

Don’t be another sucker who reads a blog post, gets fired up and promises to make changes, then goes and lifts a doughnut and a coffee and forgets about it when the next interesting post or site pops up.

Own your life. Grab a copy of Jim Rohn’s phenomenal masterpiece now. Read it every single day and LIVE IT.

You’ll be glad you did. I know I am. In the meantime, enjoy these Jim Rohn Quotes!

Desire. Decide Persist.



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    As always a great article. However, I must insist that your readers read all of his books. The man was in my opinion a genius of many levels and taste. His motivation and knowledge about business and wealth were incredible.

    Keep it up man and go play with your son!

  2. G-

    As always a great article. However, I must insist that your readers read all of his books. The man was in my opinion a genius of many levels and taste. His motivation and knowledge about business and wealth were incredible.

    Keep it up man and go play with your son!

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