Beat the Blues: A Practical Guide to Feeling Great!

beat the blues and feel fantastic

Gentlemen, this will be a how to beat the blues guide that is aimed at helping you to feel great.


There’s a taboo topic amongst men. It’s called, “sharing your feelings”.


Admitting you are suffering or going through an emotional clusterfuck is seen by a lot of men as weak and sissy. While it’s true you shouldn’t go around whining like a bitch in this life, there are times when the blues get the better of all of us, and there’s no recipe for disaster greater than ignoring it and bottling it up.


There’s nothing weak about feeling down. There’s only weakness in staying down. We’ve all been there and since life is not a smooth superhighway but is rather a country road full of peaks and valleys along with unexpected twists and turns, it’s only natural that sometimes you feel fantastic and sometimes you feel not so great!
Over the years of traveling, various ventures and life altering situations I’ve felt the whole spectrum. I’ve also figured out some fantastic coping mechanisms which I carry with me everywhere, and which will help you in whatever situation you find yourself to feel a heck of a lot better, no matter how bad it seems.


Are you ready to dive in and add some extra tools to your arsenal? Then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look.


Beat the Blues the Natural Way

I’m a big advocate of the mind-body union theory. There is no mind separate from the body and no body separate from the mind. The two are one, and therefore, neglecting one will 100% definitely have a negative effect on the other.


As a famous philosopher once said “If the mind was not matter, then how could matter affect the mind?” I think that sums it up nicely.


When dealing with moods it helps to remember that there are almost always biological reasons for the way you are feeling. The situation itself outside of you is only a trigger, but the biological reaction is actually what the feeling consists of.


Therefore, my solutions to the blues focus on handling certain physical aspects of our lives in the real world. These things will make you feel instantly better in any given situation, but if you take them all together and weave them into a holistic tapestry which forms a part of your everyday routine, you’ll be climbing higher and higher up the feel good ladder until you arrive at a state of almost constant wellbeing.


Here are 5 Great Ways to Feel Better in any Situation

Intense Exercise –  I’m not talking about a little jog here. I’m not talking about lifting without breaking a sweat. I’m talking about taking your body to its limit, where you feel like you’re about to vomit and collapse!


You know what happens when you do that? Your brain releases free drugs to counteract the physical distress. These drugs are called endorphins and change your mood to a blissed out state of wellness.


The only downside of endorphins is that they are ridiculously addictive. The more you exercise to an intense level, the more you’ll begin to crave them. If you then do not exercise your mood will plummet and with it, your sense of wellbeing.


If I don’t run, lift or take myself to the limit at least 4 times a week I am a shitty, shitty, ratty man to be around. I have to do this for my own mental wellbeing and the sake of others who have to live around me and with me.


Start exercising today. Not tomorrow, right after you read this article is the best time to start. If you are bent out of shape from years of bodily abuse then start by walking and work your way up to running and bodyweight exercises.


As your body grows and evolves, your moods will improve. This is 100% free and will benefit you in a multitude of other ways besides just your moods.


Cut the Junk – What you put into your mouth will have immediate biological chemical reactions inside of your body.


Sugar is the devil’s own powder and while it is sold as a harmless substance, it will screw with your moods like nothing else I know of. This isn’t the case for every single person, but almost every person I have ever encountered who has quit sugar has noticed marked and almost immediate improvements in their moods.


I suggest you try to quit sugar outright and see for yourself what I am talking about. Also, cut the chips, dips, cookies, candy and all the other junk. Just do it for a little experiment to see what happens.


When I first did this I started having flu-like symptoms like some sort of junky coming off a severe drug. I felt bummed out for a couple of days, got a blocked nose and headache and a sore throat. It all passed within a week and I felt a hell of a lot better after I got through it. If you experience that coming off sugar, imagine what it must be doing to your body while you’re piling it in?


Remember that food is either a poison or a medicine. Get your sugar from fruit and fill your plate with green veggies, healthy meats like fish, chicken and a little steak, and make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you require. Missing out on even one of the essential ones can mess with you quite badly.


Doing this step alone will improve your moods tenfold within a matter of weeks. Don’t waste time looking for evidence to either prove or disprove this theory. Just try it and you will have all the evidence you need.


Express Yourself – Keeping how you feel locked up inside of you will literally kill you slowly. Often just releasing it by expressing it is healing in itself and will leave you feeling like you just got a huge weight off your shoulders.


Different people express themselves in different ways and what works for one will not work for another. I have trouble talking about my emotions and thoughts, so I much prefer to write them out. I have my own personal journal in which I jot down my thoughts each day and what problems need to be solved. Sometimes I just write a page or two as a “stream of consciousness” and feel instantly better for it.


Writing has the added benefit of making you more aware of yourself as you read back over your writing weeks or months later. You might even start to notice patterns in your moods and behaviour which you would never have caught otherwise. Everyone has situations which they don’t cope well with, and you might be able to identify yours through reflectively looking back on your writing.


I learned that my well-being almost immediately takes a dip for the worse when people crowd me and don’t give me personal space. As a result of learning that I was able to eliminate this situation from my life by scheduling “me time”.


Which brings us to the next point…..


Take Some You Time – There’s something in our culture which deems selfishness a negative trait. It probably is when taken to excess, but it is also absolutely necessary for survival sometimes.


There’s nothing wrong with scheduling a time-out when the demands of your schedule, job, life or family are getting on top of you. Sometimes it all adds up and you just need a little time to reflect and gather your thoughts and form a strategy. That’s OK and it definitely is not something to be condemned or judged.


Me time at the Freedom Household! I take a time out regularly to reflect and evaluate….


When you take a trip somewhere on a plane the safety instructions will tell you to always put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. You know why that is? Because you can’t help other people when you can’t breathe!


Take a time out to catch a breather. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, take your dog for a walk or go for a drive to the beach and enjoy some time just watching the waves. Most people will reset and level out after a certain amount of time and feel ready to go back and handle the everyday problems they’ve got to handle. Figure out what your optimum reset time is and schedule in a little you time on the regular.


Control Mental Input – What goes into your body has immediate biological reactions. What goes into your mind has non-immediate but equally powerful reactions. Sometimes you feel them right away, other times the seed which has been sewn lies dormant and grows in the back of your mind.


I recommend you become aware of what influences and kinds of “energy” you are putting into your mind. Negativity is a poison and is just as deadly as physical poison. We’re surrounded by it, saturated in it, and many of us are drowning in it, due to the culture we live in.


Here’s an idea: For 30 days don’t watch the TV, don’t read any books other than motivational/self-improvement books, and only read The Art of Selfhood online. Read every single article I’ve written on here. Also, don’t allow any complaining, negative, pessimistic people into your life.


Wait and see what this does for you. After 30 days you’ll realize that your brain is like a factory – what you put in will be manufactured into something and delivered out the other side. If the input is negative, the output will be negative, too.


It’s up to you to control the input. Just try this for a single month and you won’t recognize yourself at the end of it.


Also during this period, take the time to regularly cleanse your mind.




So there you have it Gents. I have just shown you five powerful, free ways to transform your life.


I am willing to bet that 90% of the people who read this will not implement a single thing they have read. They’ll click off this site, find another motivational or self-help site, read more there, and then repeat the process without ever applying what they have learned.


Changing your life takes effort. Feeling better requires you to take action and create change.


If you did a single thing I have said here for a consistent period of time your entire life would be different in a few months. If you did all 5, you’d be a new man and you wouldn’t recognize the old, blue you.


Are you ready to feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life? Then SNAP out of the state you’re in, seize control of your mind and life and apply the 5 things I have just told you every single day for a year.


And I mean starting now. Not after the holidays. Not in the new year so you can load up on more poison and be lazy. Do it today and don’t stop until the end of 2016.


You won’t have to wait that long for results. You’ll be feeling better in no time!


Desire. Decide. Persist.


What are your favourite ways to beat the blues and feel better when you’re down? Share in the comments below.

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