Clearing the Mind & Squashing Negative Thinking – A How To Guide

Clearing the mind is necessary from time to time - here's how!

“Be Water” – Bruce Lee

Do you want to learn a set of tools that will assist you in clearing the mind?


Do you suffer from perpetual negative thinking?


We all sometimes find ourselves trapped on a merry-go-round of thoughts which cause us to feel terrible, trapped or other negative states of mind.


However, there is a way out of this. It is so simple and straightforward that most people never discover it. They go through their entire lives without ever finding this free tool which can totally alter their state of consciousness in a few seconds flat.


This tool will not solve your problems for you. It will release you from being trapped or lost in a maze of thought, which will give you the clarity and presence of mind to allow you to see your so-called problems in a wider context and discover the solutions which are already present, but which you can find because you are so busy thinking that you are perpetuating the problems themselves.


Are you ready to discover this simple solution? Read on.


Clearing the Mind: First, Accept that Life is Simple

Before going ahead and discovering the secret to zapping negative thoughts, you’ve got to accept a fundamental truth: life is simple.


Most human problems exist only in our minds. If we have enough to eat, shelter, access to medicine and a little extra cash in our pockets, we have pretty much everything we need to be happy.


If we have access to education, the internet, opportunities and most of the things people in Western society take for granted, we have all the tools we need to build absolutely any level of success and any type of life we need.


Yet, we complicate EVERYTHING.


We overthink, we analyze, we compare ourselves to others, we suffer from status anxiety or believe we can never be happy unless we achieve or gain X.


X could be anything from a  gold watch to a girl to a billion dollars. There are actually people out there with $10,000,000 who feel they don’t have enough. It doesn’t matter what X is, and it will be different for everyone. What matters is the mind-state underlying this – dissatisfaction with what is.


Life is actually simple. It is us who over-complicate it. Want to get buff? Work out and eat more! Want to get a better job? Study, buddy! Want to make money, take an extra job or start a business and invest the proceeds.


We tell ourselves lies that it more complex or we could never do it because of x,y or z, but really the truth is that the world follows the law of cause and effect – put the causes in place, and the effects follow.


It’s that simple that I need to say it again. Put the causes in place, and the effects will follow.


That’s step 1. Accepting that life is simple. Now let’s learn the secret to squashing negative thoughts forever, quickly and easily.


The Secret to Destroying Negative Thinking

The secret to destroying negative thinking is this: starve it of attention.


You see, all negative thinking in the world comes from thinking about either the past or the future.


There is never any actual negativity in what Eckhart Tolle calls The Now. You simply exist, and if you are alive and well you have everything you need, yet as soon as the mind starts getting anxious, worried or over-analytical (thinking about the future) or sad, regretful or angry about what happened (thinking about the past) our happiness and peace is ruined.


So, we need only do one thing to take negative thinking down completely, and that is to stay focused in the present moment.


To do WHAT, G? I can hear some people ask.


To stay focused on the moment, fella! Just become aware of where your damned mind is running off to next and like a naughty little kid, bring it back into the moment and focus it on whatever you are doing. Keep it there, force it to stay there, and prevent it from running off into either the past or the future.


An amazing thing happens when you do this. All negative states of mind fizzle out and die by themselves. You see, it isn’t possible to feel the negative emotions like regret or bitterness if you don’t let your mind go into the past, or the negative states like anxiety or worry if you don’t let your mind run off into the future.


It’s really simple, isn’t it? The best part about this is that you don’t have to believe me, you can try this for yourself and experience it. For one single day, try to bring your attention into whatever you are doing and don’t allow your mind to wander off, and you will experience total freedom from negativity.


A Common Question About This Solution Answered

I already know what 99% of readers are going to ask: “How can I get a grip of this untamed monkey-mind that goes wherever the hell it wants and takes me along for the ride?”


Well, it’s simple. You discipline the sumbitch until it learns that you are the master and it is a tool meant to serve you. Not the other way around.


This takes practice. It takes time. It takes a little discipline to perfect. It also takes a level of self-awareness most people do not yet have. However, it can all be developed.


You learn how to do this the same way you learn how to do anything: by practicing daily.


Make it a habit to dedicate one day a week to total presence of mind, and for one day, do not allow your mind to wander. Try dedicating a little time every day to this, such as when riding the bus, driving in your car, sitting mindlessly twiddling your thumbs in the office, or deeply engaged in your work.


Slowly, but ever so surely, your power to control your mind will become stronger. Your chaotic mind will become tame. It will learn to obey its master, and you will develop the awareness and power to catch yourself in a negative mind state and snap right out of it extremely quickly.


REMEMBER: You master this the same way you master everything – by practice! It gets easier with time. Clearing the mind is just like riding a bike or learning to swim.


Bonus Benefits of Learning to Be Present

As well as squashing negative thoughts quickly, there are other reasons you should learn to disconnect from your stream of thoughts and be present in the moment. This can help you improve your life in more ways than one.


(1) Seeing Things as They Truly Are – You’ll be amazed how little you’ve been paying attention to your surroundings while you’ve been lost in the stream of mind for years or even decades.


You’ll begin to wake up, see what’s what, you might even discover new things around you in your city or environment that have been there all along but you’ve barely ever noticed, if at all.


(2) Greater Self-Awareness – You’ll start to realize things about your personality and self that you never knew. A lot of our thoughts are cyclical and we go in circles, and maybe we have been doing so for years, and we haven’t realized that this is what keeps us from breaking out of a cycle and moving forward in the direction we want to.


You’ll learn a hell of a lot about yourself if you learn to watch your mind rather than be dragged around by it and if you learn to be present. You can then take actual action to change things for the better.


(3) Improved Relationships – Disconnecting from your own thoughts, clearing the mind and paying attention to your loved ones makes you a better listener, and you may begin to hear things your spouse, girlfriend or buddies have been saying for a long time but you haven’t paid any attention to because your mind has been off somewhere else.


This can vastly improve your relationships in every way. Your spouse or lady will feel more listened to and understood which will help you iron out problems before they grow, and you might be able to help your buddies solve their problems more easily or listen to their advice which you need to hear.


(4) Peace of Mind – Yup, your mind has you caught in a big, massive bullshit lie that you need this, that and the other to be happy. You don’t! You can still set goals and work toward things because it’s fun and life is for living and experiencing, but you don’t need anything more than food, shelter, affection and health to be happy. Once you’ve got those things, the rest is just bonus material.


You can still celebrate and feel accomplishment when you work towards and achieve a goal. However, learning to live in the present moment will help you feel a deeper sense of peace and happiness with what is. At the very least, you’ll no longer believe you need to reach point X in the future to be happy and at ease.


(5) Greater Intelligence – Most people believe all the answers to their problems lie in the mind, and don’t realize the human mind is the cause of most problems, at least on a personal level. Clearing the mind often leads you to discover a much greater intelligence within yourself. It has to be experienced to be understood.


Take exams, for example. I find that thoroughly disconnecting from my stream of thought gives me a much clearer, sharper intelligence than I would otherwise have. I often use this if I am revising, studying or trying to learn something new.


It’s almost as if by bringing my attention into the moment I plug into a much bigger mind, probably my subconscious, and have access to the answers that are already there – like something I read a long time ago.


I also find my mind is sharper, my recall quicker, and my mind generally clearer and more focused when I bring my attention into the moment.


A Final Word on Mental Presence & Clearing the Mind

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on zapping negative thoughts and freeing yourself from them instantly. It’s really as simple as it sounds. That’s probably part of the problem and why most people overlook this remarkable solution to negative thinking. In fact, your mind is probably objecting to this idea right now, isn’t it?


You don’t need to buy more books or go to another seminar to learn hot to squash negative thinking. All you’ve got to do is decide to free yourself from it by ceasing to think about the past or the future except at times you have chosen to either plan or review, and plugging back into the crisp, clear present moment, which is always free of the problems the human mind likes to create.


Don’t believe me? Try it and see! If you don’t want to try something with the power to kill negative thinking in it’s tracks, well, I can’t do anything for ya!


What other techniques do you know for clearing the mind and squashing negative thinking? Share in the comments below!


Desire. Decide. Persist.




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