The Cure For Boredom – Literally!

the ultimate cure for boredom

Warning: This cure for boredom will only work if you’re not a boring person and are willing to embrace what’s written ehrein and MAKE USE OF IT!

Boredom is horrible, isn’t it? It is the second enemy of human happiness, right after a swift kick to the nuts, and often just as agonizing.

We all know how it feels, and we all detest it.

A certain amount of boredom in certain situations is normal and is nothing to concern yourself about. Waiting at the bus stop, enduring math 101 or a long trans-atlantic flight are all situations in which it is normal (for normal people) to be bored.


However, sometimes boredom becomes chronic boredom. Sometimes boredom becomes such a part of your daily life that you start to feel regularly depressed and an impending sense of dread and deadness overcomes you.

Many people spend countless hours bored on the internet, flicking through pictures of cats and cards, wondering why their lives aren’t the way they want them to be. Ironically, these websites for boredom have been designed to snare you in and keep you coming back for more, but they never actually solve the cause of boredom or offer ways to cure boredom for good.


It is at such times that drastic action is needed. I’ve suffered from massive boredom and the depression which follows in my life before, and I have 100% cured myself of it.


I’m going to teach you how to do the same in this article. Be prepared, because nearly all of the remedies involve getting outside your comfort zone.


The Common Causes of Boredom


There are many situations in which you might find yourself bored, but the truth is boredom comes down to only one of two factors:


  1. You are in an under-stimulating environment, or


  1. You are a boring person


Number one can be easily and readily avoided by always carrying a book, or if you are the type of person that finds reading to be like pulling teeth (in which case why are you reading a blog?), then you could take up writing.


I carry a notebook with me at all times and when I find myself bored I write down ideas for articles, sketch out the outlines of fiction (I also write novels) and generally make observations about the world around me that I might use in some capacity on this blog or in a book.


This helps with the short boredom periods like waiting for taxis or sitting around with free time. I then have my laptop with me on longer plane journeys or overnights in other cities so that I can kill time for literally hours and be productive at the same time.


Number two is a little harder to face, but is a very common cause of boredom. The sooner you admit it, the better for everyone, especially yourself. If you are a boring person, it can be fixed quite easily.


You see;


Boredom is actually just the result of an unstimulating environment.


It is possible that the environment around you is unstimulating because you are not interacting with it, engaged in it, or sending out causes which will lead to reactions in the environment around you.


Chronically bored people are often boring themselves! If you are deeply curious, highly sociable and have an adventurous spirit you will likely rarely find yourself bored.


There are a million people to talk to, places to visit (even nearby and at very little cost), articles to read and write, causes to support, crafts to master, etc.


You have no reason to ever be bored unless you live out in the sticks away from all civilization. Even then it is possible to create your own fun.


Specific Things You Can Do To Overcome Boredom Now


Quit your boring job – If you have some financial security and will not suffer immediate consequences you could quit your job if it is a source of great boredom. I don’t recommend quitting a job on a whim by any means but if it is something you have mastered inside out and is boring you to death there are many things you could move on and do next.


If you have responsibilities and can’t quit your job that’s OK – start an online education program that will hep you transition out over a few months or years into something more interesting. You can then fill all those boring hours spent looking at Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post with high quality education that will help relieve the tedium and get you out of the boring situation to begin with.


Alternatively, start a part time business on the side. Believe me it isn’t as simple as you think and countless hours will disappear just learning what the heck you are doing and getting it off the ground!


Dedicate Yourself To A Craft – Register to learn Mandarin in a local class and simply do not give up until you have achieved fluency. Give yourself completely to it until you can converse freely in Chinese. Once you learn the basics, get on a direct flight China and learn, that will cure your boredom I can guarantee! Your boredom will disappear about 1.4 seconds after touching down in Beijing.


Take up bodybuilding and register for a competition so you have external motivation (shame, fear) to motivate you. Take up yoga, take up piano lessons, who cares? Take up something that you would find interesting and fill all the boring hours you currently have with becoming a master.


When you dedicate yourself to something completely you can lose hours, days, weeks in learning and getting better. This doesn’t have to be an expensive pursuit, I know people who go out and find old logs and fallen trees in riverbeds and make the most spectacular furniture using just simple saws, chisels and varnish. I even know one dude who takes rocks off the beach and carves them and sells them for literally thousands of dollars a piece.


It can take days or weeks to master one piece of beautiful furniture. This could also turn into an income producing activity like my friend who sells the rocks over the long-term.


Pick something. Fill those boring hours with mastering it. You won’t be bored for long.


Change Up Your Relationship – It could be that your relationship is causing you to be bored. You can only control this to a certain extent as it takes two to tango, but you can certainly try to give it your all.


Some ideas I have tried are booking a romantic weekend in a hotel with full service, roleplay, taking classes together, travel, adult games like the dice game and LOST, where you buy a bus ticket to somewhere you have never been before and just get lost. You’ll be surprised what new cafes, restaurants, hotels, parks etc you will find in neighbourhoods around you that you never get out to.


If your partner is really resistant to these ideas and won’t open up just tell them the truth that you are deathly bored and if things don’t change you might have a breakdown and seek excitement elsewhere, usually the realization that they are putting this kind of strain on you and the candid communication will be enough to open their minds to change if they value the relationship. If they don’t, feel free to move on.


Tell her straight – Honey, I’m bored. There’s a really hot blonde at the office making eyes at me every day and if we don’t do something, I’m afraid I might cave.


If she cares she’ll change it up. If she doesn’t, you have your excuse to take the blonde up on her offer.


Move Abroad – The best boredom cure I know, this will shake you up in ways you can’t comprehend until you do it.


Don’t make excuses like you have a family, a job and a life at home. I know people who had all three and still did it. I personally left a relationship, a chance to run my family business and everyone I knew and moved alone to Jakarta, Indonesia with nothing but a hope and a dream. I also had less than $1000 in savings at the time.


One thing that happened immediately is I ceased being bored. I literally couldn’t sleep at night for a month I was so overwhelmed by it all. However, I eventually got a hang on it and made new friends, learned new skills, tried new food, traveled to paradise tropical islands and in the last seven years pretty much did enough cool stuff to write entire volumes of books.


I’m just getting started, too!


Don’t make excuses. We live in the global community. If you dream of the ultimate exhilaration you can make it happen. People at home I talk to call me a liar and don’t believe me when I tell them about what I consider to be mundane things that happen in my everyday life. I guess I’ve gotten used to it and forgotten how abnormal it appears to an outsider.


Pick a place and go. If you don’t have any skills and are worried about making a living but have a university degree, do a TEFL certificate and you will get a job teaching English in China, Thailand or Bali. Like I said previously, I give you 1.4 seconds before th boredom ceases when you land somewhere like China.


Build – This is perhaps the ultimate cure for boredom – commit to building the kind of life you wish in every area.


I used to be bored a lot because I fit the boring person characteristics above. I would complain there was nothing to do, yet do nothing about it.


Nowadays I can barely find a spare minute to be bored. Why? Because I am constantly, endlessly building my life and working on the various goals I have set in order to reach my grand vision.


Right now I am building a family, a house, a career, a side business, two websites, studying a college diploma and still going t the gym and building my body a minimum of three times a week.


I guarantee one thing, I don’t have the time to be bored! I have decided not to take any more projects on until at least one of these is finished as I don’t have a single minute to spare these days, but in time some of the newer projects will reach what I call “maintenance mode” and some of them will be finished entirely. Perhaps then, I’ll take on something new.


When you commit to building the kind of life you want with intense focus and desire and relentless energy you will not have the time to be bored.


It’s as simple as that.


Cure for Boredom Summary


Overall, I have to just say it like it is: If you are bored it is actually your own fault. You have the power to change anything in your life at any minute and any excuses you are hiding behind are just that, excuses to avoid facing the fact that you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone.


If you don’t have any interests to see you through the quiet times, maybe you just aren’t that interesting yourself!


Just get it done. If you aren’t going to do it there’s nothing I can do anyway and you’re wasting your time reading and mentally masturbating about the idea of it.


It’s up to you to change the things you don’t like. If it’s boredom, then change is the only remedy that will work, friend.


As always,


Desire. Decide. Persist.


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