Reflections: Why your beliefs matter so much….

“You’ll see it when you believe it” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

In the quest to build the kind of life you desire, what you believe and hold to be true matters a great deal more than you know.



Everything, literally, starts in the realm of thought. I know you’ve probably heard this a hundred times, but I’m going to illustrate it here with examples from my own life to show how my personal beliefs literally created the outward reality I experience.


To begin, we need to take a trip back twenty odd years, to the rolling green hills of rainy Ireland, when G-Freedom was just a boy forming his first intelligent thoughts.



The evolution of my beliefs.


The first concrete beliefs I picked up were inserted into my tiny cranium by my grandfather, who acted as a sort of father come wise old Yoda figure in my early life. My granddad was a devout Christian, although not the creepy knock on your door with a tract kind. He was a man of honour, integrity and respect, and believed deeply in the existence of God and the holiness of Jesus.


Naturally, since I spent a lot of time with him, my beliefs were shaped by his. I learned that Jesus had the ability to basically fire lightning bolts out of his ass at the devil and his minions and that certain things were good or bad because God said so, and that it was good to be a compassionate person full of gratitude for the things we had been given.


Due to much of this, I was also scared shitless of doing anything wrong, since the stories I heard had indicated that the loving and forgiving God could also be a vengeful, wrathful asshat and might in an instant throw the toys out of the pram and decide I was damned drown me in a great flood.


So, this is how it went for many years. I generally towed the line, did okay at school and while I was a bit of a hell raiser at times, never did anything I would consider to be evil, wrong or too out of line. I was just a kid, and I didn’t really ask too many questions at this stage. My beliefs were pretty much set by those I trusted.


Then somewhere in my mid-teens I discovered the big, bad internet and a website called – short for Temple Of The Screaming Electron.

This website was full of all sorts of interesting information, but the stuff that really opened my mind was the stuff on religion. It literally blew the lid off of it and caused me to never again be able to believe in any form of organized religion. My entire worldview lay in tatters, and a void developed in my mind and life.


With my view of reality shattered, I became a little depressed. What was the point of all of this if there was nothing at the end? No reward? No doggie biscuit for being a good little boy? No hellfire if I did whatever I wanted? How could I even approach life without a suitable belief system to help me interpret the reality around me? What was right and wrong? What was I supposed to be doing?


I began to search for answers, and for some reason was naturally drawn to Eastern/Buddhist style beliefs. They made sense to me, even though I didn’t believe in the reincarnation and many lives stuff, the worldview itself resonated with me on a deep level. It was compassionate, intelligent and open-minded, everything fundamentalist, evangelical versions of Christianity, in my view, were not.


My journey into Buddhism led to outward changes in my life. I grew my hair long, became a vegetarian and began devouring books on all subjects. I took up the practice of meditation which I still benefit from to this day. I couldn’t take anything too seriously since I had no desire to really be anything other than a happy drifter, and I began to travel often as a way to escape the rat race and gain new knowledge and insight. I went around Australia by bus, and struck out into Asia.


This is how I ended up in South East Asia, Thailand specifically and later Indonesia.


After a few years of living this way, now with a shaved head and living as a vegetarian pacifist, something happened which changed me forever. My girlfriend, who I loved dearly at the time, cheated on me with someone I knew while I was home in Ireland. I was crushed. What was worse is she showed absolutely zero remorse or sympathy. She was done, and that was it. My feelings were irrelevant as she proceeded to board the cock-carousel of many people I knew and had previously been “friends”.


Naturally, I needed to understand what the heck had happened! I began my quest to understand female psychology by reading books like The Game, which led me to understand evolutionary psychology and naturally Darwin’s’ theory of evolution itself.


Slowly, as I began to believe this theory and my perception of reality changed, so did my life. I began to work out with heavy weights and lean muscle started forming on my frame, I became a player and had multiple girls on the scene at any one time. I must have been with hundreds of women in the space of a couple of years, my confidence growing with every one I “conquered” -I was angry, determined and full of pride and the belief that life is a relentless, ruthless competition to propagate your DNA drove me forward with unwavering determination.


I cut my hair into a mohawk, I got into killer shape, I started making career moves up the ladder which suited me and me alone, with no sympathy for those I left behind, I became stronger, richer and more aggressive in all my undertakings – I began to experience success.


So where am I today? I still believe in evolution. To me, it is a proven fact beyond any reasonable doubt. This naturally shapes my worldview. I still believe life is a competition. I still strive to get my hands on as much as I can, but I have settled with a good woman and built a family instead of being out there wasting time and valuable resources playing the field.


My beliefs have turned 180 degrees, from the nice little obedient slave of God to the free man who masters his own destiny and apologizes to nobody for doing what is right for him. These are my beliefs now, and I can see the outward transformation of my life reflected in the various stages I went through.


So here we are today, not yet at the apex of what I am capable of achieving, but a long way up from where I was before. I have the hunger and the motivation now of knowing that I am on my own, and nobody will change my life but me.



So beliefs matter…a lot!


Your beliefs matter a great deal. 


They are the pistons that drive the engine of your life. You will not be a deeply motivated, determined person if you believe “I can’t change the outcome, it’s all in Gods’ control”. You will not be aggressive and successful if you believe the ideal way to live is to sit under a tree in meditation and eat bananas and rice.


You will only reach the ideal, competitive state of mind when you realize, and know in your heart and soul, that nobody is going to help you but yourself. That everyone is in this game for themselves. That you can either die as a slave or live as a free man who has created the best life he can with the cards he has been dealt.


Your beliefs matter more than anything else in this world. They are the blueprints that determine how you feel about life and about yourself, which then determine the actions you will take which will in turn determine your results.


Don’t start by trying to put the roof on a house that has not yet been built. Build a firm foundation in correct and empowering beliefs first, and the rest will follow from that.



Analyze your own beliefs.


To begin to get a grip on your beliefs and understand how they are affecting you, you’ll need to know what they are to begin with. Answer the following five questions. It will help to write the answers down.


1) Is the world I live in hostile or friendly?




2) What am I capable of? What is my limit?




3) What are my greatest strengths and weaknesses?


4) Am I capable of being the absolute best at something?

5) How do I see myself, am I worth a lot or just a little?

These are only a tiny fraction of a persons held beliefs. In reality we hold tens of thousands of beliefs, but these, in my view are the most important ones with regard to our view of the world and ourselves.

If you haven’t come up with positive, highly charged answers for all five of these, you aren’t firing on all cylinders and you need to change those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Your ideal answers should look something like this:

1) The world is both hostile and co-operative. It generally depends on how I approach it.

2) There are no limits except those imposed on me by scientific laws. I can be a billionaire. I can run a marathon or train to bench 500lbs. I can, with the right training, guidance and time, do anything I want.

3) . You should be aware of your weaknesses and devise a plan for overcoming them, but you should mainly be focused on your strengths and developing those.

4) Yes. Anyone who is the best at something is just a human being made of blood and bones and skin like me. I can train to become whatever I wish.

5) I am worth whatever I decide. The world has no way of stopping a man who is determined enough. It’s just a matter of overcoming resistance.

Believing in yourself and holding positive mental beliefs such as the above will change your life forever. You will begin to feel better about yourself and others, you’ll begin to live a better life and will in turn inspire others to do the same.

In an upcoming post I will outline the most common limiting beliefs and how you can overcome them. For now, focus on the five above. Where you have negative answers and a poor view of yourself, challenge the beliefs by looking for counter examples in your life or attacking the foundations of those beliefs.

You’ll more often than not find that those negative, limiting beliefs are based on nothing more than sand. With a little challenge, they can easily be collapsed and overcome.


As always,


Desire. Decide. Persist.




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