Reflections: Who is G-freedom?

My name is Gav, but I write under the pen name G-Freedom because freedom is my deepest value.
I originally come from Northern Ireland but I moved to Indonesia when I was 23 to start a new life. It’s the best decision I ever made.

I write this blog because I want to leave a piece of me out there forever. I see this blog as a way to be useful to humanity by sharing what I have learned in life. I don’t write to make money as I make plenty of cash from my real world activities. I just want to write and share. I’ll be doing this until the day I don’t have a single word left to say, probably when I die.
I am an avid quitter of things I hate. When I was young people would always tell me to stick with things longer, but I told them to go screw themselves. Because of that, I’m living the exact kind of life I want.
However when I DO feel passionate about something, I never ever stop. I’ve been working out, learning about business and money, writing and traveling all of my life.
I despise arrogant, cocky people who think they are better than others because they have had success in some field. I have more respect for the working man who eats a humble meal and breaks his ass to take care of his family than any king or billionaire.
Despite that, I don’t hate the rich, and I aspire to be rich. I just believe in doing it by working and earning it. The character a man builds along the way is much more important than the contents of his pocket-book.
I think deeply. I don’t believe in God in a religious sense but I think there’s some kind of higher power. I believe you are here once and then you die forever. Make the best of it.
I hated school and quit after high school. Since then I have traveled in 40+ countries, married a great woman and made myself financially free. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that school is the only way to make it in the world. Most of the people who tell you that are the people who have never left the school system and don’t know any better.
I love peace, have deep sense of compassion for the suffering and wish to live with my loved ones safely and undisturbed, but if someone harms me or someone I love, I will gladly do the time to make sure no future threat exists. I think most men can relate to that.
When I was in school I used to get bullied, then I learned to box. Nobody messed with me anymore. I recommend all men who read this site to learn how to fight.
I can not live without truth. Any form of living a lie or fake life will cause me to not be able to sleep at night. I believe totally in the saying “If it can be destroyed by truth, it should be destroyed by truth”.
I am an exact balance between my mother and father. I get a free-spirited curiosity and love of adventure from my mum, and a down to earth sensible and practical mind from my dad. I love them both and could never repay what they have done for me.
I believe life is half luck. Anyone who believes otherwise has never thought about it or suffers from a God complex.
I would love to hear from you. If you have comments, questions or concerns, leave me a comment on any post and I will get back to you.
Thanks for reading.


  1. You've earned my respect. I like this blog because it's down to earth and accessible.

    And I got sick of B and D too. It served its purpose.

    I will continue to read in future.


  2. KSS…

    Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you have that perception of the blog. Someone else attacked me and said this site is an “ego project” but I make every effort to only mention myself when there's a point to be illustrated. I hope you do indeed continue to read and I'll try and keep it real!

  3. Any personal blog is an 'ego project' to some extent. That label is just a sad excuse for others to voice their dislike.

    Thanks for replying. It's refreshing to read your blog becausee there is none of that negativity or arrogance that pervades the manosphere so much.

    So are you still employed at the rig?

  4. Fair point!

    I am indeed, I've got another six days before I head back to Australia for a three week stint offshore. How about yourself? Where are you and what do you do etc?

  5. Hi Gav,

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm in my 20s and live in Australia (Victoria).

    After much soul searching, I've decided to become a school teacher [I'm academically inclined]. I may decide to move into educational entrepreneurship later, but we'll see how that goes.

    My aim is to make learning engaging for kids: as someone who's had many bad teachers, I want to counter that bad taste for future generations (whether in a public school or by opening a private academy).

    I am interested in becoming financially free, but I'm surprised to find that this is a secondary notion for me. It seems I need to have a higher purpose first, because just wanting money won't be enough to help me persist in any endeavour. Financial freedom may be the reward at the end of a long journey.

    So yeah, there you have it.

    Cheers, K.

  6. That's fantastic mate!

    You know I was a teacher for 5 years when I first came to Indonesia. I truely enjoyed it but I just couldn't get to where I wanted to be via it as my primary means of income. Even after I started in the oilfield I started, which allows me to teach privately via Skype.

    I wish you luck. Gav.

  7. Hey Gav,

    Cool Blog you have here, Mate! Got a lot out of the article about the “seven assasins of success”!
    Just wanted to ask you if you need anything? I could mail you a book synopsis (I read a ton) of a book you havn´t read. Just want to give back the value.



  8. Thanks Matt.

    It's funny, that one is probably one of my favourite articles I have written yet it seems to have very few views compared to the rest.

    Why don't you tell me about a few books you think I would like based on the content of this website? I'm always on the lookout for new, excellent books I can learn from about business, philosophy, psychology or just great entertaining fiction.

    Thanks for reading and keep on doing so.

  9. Sure Mate! Lets see! I recently read something that could interest you: What Rich People Know & Desperately Want To Keep Secret by Brian Sher. Cheesy title and I almost passed it off because of that, as I too often fell for lame marketing ploys in the past, but this one has some real insights into how and what makes a buisness actually successfull. He covers everything, from the personality traits of the entrepreneur to how to market correctly etc. Very good book.
    Another good book I read, was written by Jim Rohn. The title is “Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle”. Well written, no doubt, but if you´ve read a lot about success or self-imporvement there wont be much new things in here. The thing I like about Jim Rohn though is, through his writing it really shines through how much wisdom and knowledge this guy has and how humble he still is inspite. Good writer also that uses language very well.
    I recently read one classic book aswell, written by Niccolo Machiavelli. I think in english it is called “The Prince”. Old as dirt, it was written in 1513 and released in 1534, but it has some real gems of knowledge about human psychology in there, if you can manage to wade thorugh the swamp of old, sometimes hard to read language. It is aimed at giving advice to a potential king on how to lead the state, so that he has the most amount of influence and power. One way of keeping or getting the power is controlling the masses and to control the masses you have to understand their psychology. So there are some chapters in there that are long winded and boring, but then you have some chapters that are intersting and relevant, depending on what you are intersted in.
    These are the books I recently read. If you want a full 250-500 word write up on one of those let me know mate.



  10. You seem like a person who who has become succesfull, without loosing your compassion for others, that to me is one of the biggest thing man can acomplish.

    Looking forward to read more !

  11. I'm ordering the first one and also I'll look into five pieces of lifes puzzle. I read some Machiavelli when I took a philosophy course, he seemed like a disturbed dude but hell, so did most of the philosophers I read! haha

  12. Lasse,

    I try to be compassionate until someone pushes me not to be. Often I find that when you try to be this people confuse kindness for weakness, then they have to find out the difference 🙂

  13. Cool! Let me know how you liked the books!

    Could you maybe tell me what kind of blog design or skin you used for you´re blog?


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